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What are the Characteristics of a Good Senior Home Care Provider in Millburn?

Dec 7, 2017 by Pooja Chandawalla

Seniors require home care with aging. Home care is required when a senior is not able to perform his/her daily activities such as bathing, feeding etc. (commonly known as activities of daily living i.e. ADL). Though, home care providers are very well-trained professionals, there must also possess other innate qualities that enable them to compassionately perform job functions, as per senior wishes and the wishes of their family. These characteristics are what make all the difference between average senior home care providers and excellent senior home care providers in Millburn. Some basic job responsibilities of senior home care service providers in Millburn are -

  • Assisting clients, seniors, and care recipients with daily living activities (ADL).
  • Preparing meals, and diet for the client.
  • Light housekeeping tasks, cleaning and laundry.
  • Effective and compassionate communication with patients as well as family members.
  • Confidentiality, as per the choice of family or patient.

Apart from these basic job responsibilities there are some characteristics that help caregivers to go beyond handling the needs of care and responding appropriately to job situations. A good senior home care provider is a dedicated individual, who has a passion for helping people, and is selfless in his desire to improve the quality of life for senior loved ones. Few characteristics are -

  • Commitment to work – It is utmost necessary that the caregiver should be dedicated and committed to his work. Families and individuals in need of home care should rely on workers to be available when needed, honor their commitments, and carry out all job related responsibilities in a highly professional manner.
  • Creative thinking – Good senior home care providers are always thinking of new creative ideas and activities to better the client's quality of life or improve the situation.
  • Skillful – As a home care provider one usually work with little direction and oversight, so he should be able to quickly adapt to each new situation. The caregiver needs the ability and willingness to make decisions on his own based on the training and understandings of the job.

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