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Comfort Keepers Event at First Presbyterian Church in Clifton NJ

Dec 11, 2017 by Pooja Chandawalla

On Tuesday, 12/5/17 at about 12:30 pm, Comfort Keepers of Montclair & Hasbrouck Heights got an opportunity to go to First Presbyterian Church in Clifton (303 Maplewood Ave) at the request of Lillian Gfroehrer who oversees all of the senior events at the church. Comfort Keepers was represented at the event by our Internal Care Coordinator, Jaime Dodds and RN Nurse Supervisor, Joan DeGuzman. After initial introductions, where each one of them told them about what they do and their role at Comfort Keepers, they also gave them a brief overview of the services that Comfort Keepers provides.

The premise of the presentation was ways for seniors to stay safe in the winter. Joan began with the clinical aspect of the presentation and discussed the possible dangers of things like frostbite, hypothermia, winter depression, etc. She involved the seniors by asking them how to avoid these conditions and when they answered some Comfort Keepers shirts were distributed. Jaime then went on to discuss ways to be ready in winter around the house. She discussed the importance of making sure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order, having the chimney inspected, weather proofing windows with a clear plastic sheeting in order to keep the cold air out, not leaving candles lit and avoiding black ice. They further discussed the importance of making sure that the senior’s vehicle was in proper working order should they need to leave the home. This included keeping an emergency kit in the car, replacing worn tires and checking air pressure, and checking anti freeze and gas tank levels. Jaime involved the audience by asking them if they had anything to add, which they gladly did. One of the women suggested having non perishable food items in the home in the event that she was snowed in and there was no power.

There were approximately 25-30 seniors at the event and Comfort Keepers was there for about 45 minutes which was appreciated by the organizers for our swift execution. The seniors were handed out goody bags and there were raffle tickets in the bags. Raffle draw was done towards the end and Comfort Keepers gave away bigger prizes to the 3 winners. The seniors enjoyed snacking on the fruit, vegetables and cookies that were provided by Comfort Keepers.

Jaime mentions “Joan and I also introduced ourselves to two of the other women who run similar programs. One lady was from AARP. We supplied them with our business cards and asked them to call us if we could come and visit with their groups. Finally we thanked Lillian and asked her if we could come back. She said yes and to give her a call. All in all this was a successful and fun event and I feel it was definitely beneficial to participate.”

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