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Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease Discussed

Nov 30, 2018 by Comfort Keepers of Montclair and Hasbrouck Heights

This is a condition that continues to be a very difficult challenge for people and for the person that is diagnosed. It’s important to determine the stage of Alzheimer’s before any kind of treatment process begins. Today, we are going to talk about the most common treatments for Alzheimer’s disease based on the different stages of the condition.

Treating Mild and Moderate Alzheimer’s

Being able to treat Alzheimer’s early on is essential for the comfort of the patient. There are medications that are able to reduce some of the early symptoms of the condition. Cholinesterase inhibitors will help slow down the progress of deterioration and it will regular certain behaviors. These inhibitors will also help improve the memory of the patient and their ability to maintain control of their surroundings.

Treatment for Moderate to Severe Alzheimer’s

Once the condition worsens, you are going to need to start treating Alzheimer’s differently. Once the patient starts to forget their location or forget the names or even the identity of people close to them, this is a clear indicator that a stronger form of treatment is going to be required. Namenda is known as one of the best drugs to help decrease the severity of the symptoms. At moderate to severe stages, Alzheimer’s makes it impossible for people to be left alone and their independence is greatly affected. 

Other popular inhibitors and blockers include Aricept, Exelon, Namzaric, and Razadyne. Their dosage and their frequency will depend on the general condition of the patient and the results that come from the early adoption of these medications. Constant monitoring is of paramount importance. 

Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Aggression

There are many symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s that can take a huge toll on the general mood and emotional state of a patient. Anxiety, depression, and aggression are often caused by the mental deterioration that is caused by this disease. Medication to treat those symptoms includes Celexa, Remeron, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Tofranil. These treatments need to be prescribed by a doctor based on the progression of the condition and the intensity of the symptoms. The use of sleeping aids and anticonvulsants is also prescribed in many cases where the condition has reached a very critical stage. 

Final Thoughts

Proper medical treatment for Alzheimer’s is very important. This is going to have a very serious effect on the quality of life of the patient. Being able to catch the condition early to treat it immediately is going to be extremely helpful.   

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